Subsocial JS SDK


Subsocial JS SDK by DappForce

Subsocial's JS SDK is a library for building social networking applications on top of the Subsocial blockchain. The library will help developers easily interact with the Subsocial blockchain from their UI, without prior knowledge of Subsocial’s pallet implementations. Inside the library, you will find the APIs required to perform different operations on the blockchain, which are detailed here.

What is Subsocial?

Subsocial provides the back-end tech, allowing for easy deployment of decentralized social dapps that share a social graph and content base. Users own their content and social connections on Subsocial, which automatically solves most of the problems of web2 social networks. Applications built on Subsocial do not have to be specifically focused on social networking, as Subsocial can support dapps like YouTube, Shopify, or even Airbnb. You can learn more about Subsocial by reading the lightpaper.

Docs & Tools

  • Subsocial Starter – a React app template that helps you start building on Subsocial. It uses the SDK and hides away the boilerplate code and boring configuration.
  • SDK cheatsheet – a short description of the most commonly used methods of the SDK.
  • TypeDoc API – detailed documentation of the SDK where you can learn about all its methods, parameters, and interfaces; API references (Subsocial and Substrate API); JS objects; and more.
  • Playground – an easy-to-use web app to experiment with Subsocial’s SDK. You can run different code samples and see the execution results.

Need Help?

In case you need help, the best way to reach us is through our Subsocial Devs Telegram chat or #developers channel on our Discord server.


Subsocial JS SDK is GPL 3.0 licensed.